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O&O Software GmbH from Germany and Chocolate Cloud ApS from Denmark together created Edge Cloud @ Home as a product for returning data sovereignity to the customer.

each company a champion in its special field, integrating both technologies CloudCuber and SkyFlok into this solution makes it far mor than its parts.

Chocolate Cloud ApS (Denmark)

Chocolate Cloud provides efficient and flexible cloud technology solutions exploiting the power of network coding for delivering high performance and reliability to our customers.

our innovative technology, which spreads your data securely across multiple cloud providers, allows our clients to access their files even if a cloud provider is compromised. an attack on any single cloud location does not compromise your data: we do not store a single file in a single provider.

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O&O Software GmbH (Germany)

for more than 20 years, we’ve been developing and researching at our Berlin location. while Windows NT 4 was our basis in 1997, we’re now totally at home with current platforms such as Windows and Linux on local pc systems, tablets, and smartphones as well as in the cloud.

during the past few years, we’ve been focusing more and more on the development of programs for IT management and data backup in the cloud. as a result of these efforts, we already had the first syspectr version ready in May 2013.

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