the baby pictures dilemma

Tony is married and his wife asks him to save the pictures of their child being born. Tony is concerned about privacy when uploading these pictures to a cloud, but he does not know how to solve this problem.

storage only in the cloud

sync app fails – unfortunately, the upload failed without him knowing. a few weeks later, he gets a new phone and loses the pictures

cloud provider is breached – after several months, he receives notification: his cloud provider was hacked. these very personal pictures are now in someone else’s hands – beyond his control.

one of the cloud provider’s data centers burns down – after several months, there’s a notice: the data center where his pictures were stored has burned down. pictures are lost – he gets a free month of service for his irreplaceable memories.

how it works

storage only at home

uses external hard drive: it fails – Tony decides to download and save the data on his trusted but old external hard drive. after a few months, the hard drive gets damaged (fire, falls and breaks, etc.)

uses personal computer: attacked with ransomware – Tony saves pictures only on his personal computer. shortly thereafter, there’s a ransomware attack. Tony pays the ransom, but he never gets the decryption keys to recover his files.

how to solve this?

Tony is desperate. but wait, there is help around the corner.
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